For Sale or Koha 

Seed swap stand

PRICE: swap or koha

If you've ever bought seeds or harvested your own you'll know how you often end up with way more than you can use in one season. The EcoCentre seed swap stand is a way of sharing your surplus seeds with other local growers. There is no charge for using the seed swap stand although if you haven't anything to add to the stand a koha is appreciated.
Bought and home harvested seeds are both welcome, in sealed envelopes with what is in it, and the date harvest or best by (we have envelopes here if you need them!).

Plants & produce

PRICE: varies

We usually have a selection of plants and home grown produce for sale. These are provided by our volunteers so the range varies greatly through the year. By buying locally grown plants and seedlings you know you are getting something that is suitable for our Far North climate, and keeping surplus food from being wasted.


Pig Tits & Parsley Sauce

PRICE: $25.00

Local author Lyn Webster's book of practical ways to slash your weekly grocery bill and save the planet along the way! You'll quickly save yourself the price of the book.

Baking Soda

PRICE: $20.00

The answer to almost everything! Vicki Lansky's book has over 500 practical uses of baking soda. Save yourself a fortune and switch to the white stuff (and we sell that too!).


PRICE: $20.00

Vicki Lansky's book covers over 400 ways to use vinegar that you probably never thought of. Cheap, low environmental impact and readily available, vinegar is the solution you need!

Kaitaia TimeBank Booklet

PRICE: $10.00

Tease the content of the course. When reading this, they need to think "I need to learn this RIGHT NOW"


Cloth shopping bags

PRICE: from $2-$25.00

Made and donated by our team of volunteers. These reusable bags help you save the environment from the legacy of plastic bags. We have many sizes and materials available.

Produce bags

PRICE: from $1.50

Assorted materials, shapes and sizes, suitable for fruit & veg, bulk dry goods etc. Great for taking home produce from our table! Made and donated by our team of volunteers.

Baking Soda

Baking soda

PRICE: $3 per kg

Have you discovered the many and varied ways in which you can use baking soda in your life? Not just for cooking this wonderful powder can be used to wash your hair, clean you teeth and your kitchen, be a deodorant for yourself or to deodorise carpets and containers, and so the list goes on! (See the book above!) It can be bought in bulk locally but not everyone has room to store a 25kg sack or even a 3kg bag so we have made it easier for your to make the most of bulk prices without the hassle. We have glass jars of it ranging from 500g-1kg in size, bring back the jar when you're done and we'll knock 20c or 50c (depending on the type of jar) off your next baking powder purchase.