Plastic Free July – half way through!

Plastic Free July has passed the halfway point. How are you doing? Did you sign up for a day or a week that has been and gone? How did you find it? If you haven’t started don’t worry, there are still plenty more days to take up the challenge! Sign up on their website and you’ll get emailed tips throughout the month.

It was great to chat with folk at our market stall on Saturday. Raising awareness of the campaign and issues involved is all part of the kaupapa. Unfortunately none of us had the presence of mind to take photos whilst there – d’oh!

If you’re needing some inspiration we have a range of books (see picture) with lots of plastic free ideas for around the home in them as well as baking soda at bulk buy prices to help you put a heap of them into practice! Many people think working towards being plastic free and/or Zero Waste is expensive – if doesn’t have to be, many of us ended up on that journey accidentally from trying to save money! Local author Lyn Webster’s book Pig Tits and Parsley Sauce is especially good for this, you’ll quickly save the $25 it costs!

Here are some of the places around Kaitaia that can help us all reduce our plastic footprint – let us know of any others and we’ll add them to the list!

Bring your own containers, bags and cups:

Whānau Meats are offering to put those who bring their own containers in during July for their meat to go in a draw on 1st August for a $25 meat voucher, a polo shirt and one of their canvas shopping bags ($100 total value).

Sushi Avenue is happy for you to fill your own container with sushi and reuseable cup for miso soup

Bell’s deli & butcher counter will fill your own containers, and you can use your own cloth or re-used plastic bags in the fruit & veg section

It’s Healthy and The Bush Fairy Dairy are happy for you to use your own containers and bags for bulk bin products

Birdie’s and NZ Surf Bros cafes in town will fill your own re-useable coffee cup, and with tea or hot chocolate too if you’re not a coffee addict!

Re-useable travel cups, bottles etc:

EcoCentre we have a selection of cloth shopping bags, produce bags (also useful for many other things!) and beeswax wraps for sale, all made by local volunteers.

Cavalier’s, Empire Mart, Coin Save and Goods 2 U ($2 shop) sell non-plastic disposable plates and cutlery, and Goods 2 U also have paper straws.

Farmers and The Warehouse sell reusable travel coffee cups, and Farmers have them on special offer at the moment

The Warehouse and It’s Healthy have metal water bottles

Kaitaia has many op shops, plus the market, which are great for sourcing glass and ceramic storage jars etc for your pantry, you can also use glass jars in the freezer! Empire Mart, Goods 2 U, Coin Save, Farmers, Marston Moor and The Warehouse all sell them new.

Toiletries etc:

It’s Healthy and CBEC sell bamboo toothbrushes

Empire Mart, Kaitaia Foodmarket and It’s Healthy have paper wrapped toilet paper

It’s Healthy have Mooncups – a zero waste and money saving option for those menstruating, and bamboo cotton buds

Shackleton’s Chemist and Essentially Flowers have various hand lotions etc in jars and tins, both of them plus Kotare Krafts and It’s Healthy have unwrapped and paper wrapped bar soaps

Kotare Krafts can refill their own brand essential oil bottles

Other things happening…

Kaitaia Market is trialling recycling for the month of July, there is recycling for compost, cardboard, plastic film and plastic bottles. Please send feedback to the Far North District Council about this and tell them we’d like it all the year round! The more of us speak up the better chance there is of it happening, they think it should be the market’s responsibility but surely FNDC could take it on long term as part of their waste management contract? Let your local councillors and Community Board members know how you feel, and whilst you’re at it don’t forget to ask election candidates what their stance is on a Container Deposit Scheme being re-introduced nationally!

We’re holding a ‘plastic free shared lunch’ at the EcoCentre on Saturday 29th July for people to share their experiences through the month and the challenges they faced trying to keep to their plastic free kaupapa no matter how much of the month they took it on board for.



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