The Moth, or Kapok plant was originally brought here as a decorative vine. Unfortunately it thrives rather too well and has become an invasive species, smothering native plants, and also taking over in gardens reducing productivity
of fruit trees etc. on top of which it gums up Monarch butterflies when they feed on it resulting in them dying of starvation.
In May 2016 the EcoCentre held a competition to encourage locals to collect the seed pods and keep them from bursting their seeds across the rohe. Each pod contains up to a 1,000 seeds. We discovered that a full bin bag holds about 300 pods, and we ended up with over 10 full bags which means more than a million seeds were taken out of our environment!

Our thanks to our donors who provided vouchers for the competition winners, who were:

Adults: 1st prize ($70 Mitre10 voucher) Evelyn Bradley

2nd prize ($50 CBEC voucher) Dannene Bradley & Rob Hill

Children: 1st prize ($50 Warehouse voucher) Cole, Violet & Kiripaka Kara

2nd prizes (2 x $15 Warehouse vouchers) Ezrah & Brooklyn Hill, Kees & Frano Cherrington

Pictured are adult winner Evelyn Bradley, with her mokopuna Ezrah & Brooklyn Hill (under 15s consoluation prize) and Under 15s winners Cole, Violet & Kiripaka Kara.


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