KaiBOX volunteers needed!

KaiBox Kaitaia is a new social enterprise aiming to revitalize the production of healthy food grown locally in the Far North; strengthen the local economy; and increase local food resilience. It co-ordinates the distribution of organic and ‘sprayfree’ produce from local growers and community gardens, to customers and charitable organizations, and arranges for surplus produce to be processed into value added artisan foods.

If you are interested in LOCAL food, healthy food, gardening, community gardens, organics, permaculture, and would like to volunteer …we are looking for you!

If you have skills in bookkeeping, administration, computers, graphics, and would like to volunteer..we are looking for you!

Help in any way would be immensely appreciated! Even a couple of hours a month!

Contact: Cheryl at kaiboxkaitaia@outlook.co.nz

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