“Bringing Together Good Food & Good People”

Kai Box Kaitaia is a social enterprise working with selected Far North growers and gardeners. Using predominantly certified organic, permaculture or spray free methods,the aim is to build local capacity to run a fruit & vegetable box scheme, linking Kai BOX members (consumers) to growers.

The aims of the project are:–
– retain money in our local economy
– build the Far North’s food resilience
– increase access to healthy food

Through Awhina Mārakai members will have the opportunity to have a ‘hands on’ role in the process, learning new skills and supporting the growth of the project.

Te Hiki Food Hub started as part of the Far North Thrive programme, a collaboration between FNDC and Ākina www.akina.org.nz

If you are interested in being part of the pilot project either as a grower or founding member contact Cheryl Toka kaibox@outlook.co.nz

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