Don’t bottle it up – post it!

The Kiwi Bottle Drive ‘Message in a bottle’ scheme is starting to make an impact, according to Warren Snow their campaign manager has had a call from the office of Associate Minister for the Environment, Scott Simpson, to whom they are being sent, asking how many more they could expect! It is certainly making an impression on his office staff, let’s keep it up and make an impression on Scott too. With the election looming we need to make it clear that this is one issue that isn’t going to go away.

The bottles in the photo above were picked up on one walk around town, at 10c per bottle with a deposit scheme that could be $1, and if it were 20c per bottle it would be worth $2; would you walk past $2 just lying in the street?

You can download address labels to print off at home, or call in to the EcoCentre where we now have self adhesive labels on a roll that you can tear off and take away. They are going to a Freepost address, so no direct cost to you, Parliament pays postage. All we ask is that you rinse out the bottles before sending them as otherwise it isn’t fair on our postal service workers. You’ll need to squash the bottles flat to get them in the mail; one trick is to wash the bottles out in your hot washing up water and then squash them as the heat softens the plastic, but stamping on them usually works!

If you haven’t already please sign the petition calling for a deposit scheme to be reintroduced here, if you don’t have email you can sign a paper copy of the petition at the EcoCentre. We’ve had a fabulous response to the petition up here already, and the enthusiastic way Kaitaia got involved with the Kiwi Bottle Drive launch, let’s keep up the momentum!

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