Climate Change petition at the EcoCentre

The petition reads:

“We the undersigned, citizens of New Zealand, call upon the Government to urgently:

1. Set up a Climate Change Commission to oversee

2. the establishment of a revenue neutral, progressive fossil fuel levy, similar to the effective ones overseas”

The petition asks people to support government action on two simple issues which are rarely disputed and lay the basis of most climate action programmes.

This action sits alongside several other initiatives which are far more complex, and thus difficult to explain to many people. These initiatives are:

The Climate Declaration This is a more complex statement which can be supported on line. This includes the points of the climate petition, but is more complex. We recommend supporting this as well!

The Zero Carbon Act by Generation Zero campaigns for a specific parliamentary act similar to one in the UK.

Net Zero in NZ: scenarios to achieve domestic emissions neutrality in the second half of the century. It develops several scenarios that outline how Aotearoa NZ could address its climate emission commitments.

The petition has several leaflets with supporting  information about a range of the issues involved for those who want more information. We have these on display at the EcoCentre and some to take away with you to read later. Next time you’re in the area pop in and sign it!

We’re usually open Mon-Fri 10-4, but as we’re staffed by volunteers we don’t always manage to be open the full time. If you’d like to help us keep our doors open by volunteering let us know, volunteers are encouraged to become member of Kaitaia TimeBank so that they can get paid timecredits for their time here. 



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