Funders: Te Hiku Community Board (Far North District Council), CBEC

Plastic Free July first started in Western Australia, this has become a global challenge and the EcoCentre is proud to be promoting it in Kaitaia Combining PFJ with the Container Deposit Campaign we received $500 funding with which we aimed to buy back up to 5000 number 1 PET plastic bottles at stalls at Kaitaia market through July. We had two spot prizes from CBEC valued at $25 each to give away. Response was slow at first but started to pick up towards the end of the month, so with funds left over we opened it up to include aluminium drinks cans and we not only handed out the remaining funds but an additional $175 which we added from our own funds.


Interview with Waikarere Gregory on Te Hiku TV about the Bottle Buy-Back

Container Deposit Campaign 


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