Zero Waste shopping around Kaitaia

To help you on your Zero Waste journey here are some of the options we’ve found available locally. Let us know any other tips you have and we’ll add them to the list!

Bring your own containers, bags and cups:

Reuseable coffee cup: for tea or hot chocolate too if you’re not a coffee addict – Birdie’s and NZ Surf Bros cafes, and for miso soup at Sushi Avenue

Bulk bin foods: It’s Healthy, Bush Fairy Dairy, Pak’n’Save.

Loose fruit & veg: Bells, Kaitaia market, Pak’n’Save

Meat: Whanau Meats and Bells will put it in your own containers

Sushi: Sushi Avenue you can fill your own container

For food & drink etc:

Cloth shopping bags: EcoCentre

Re-useable produce bags (also useful for many other things!): EcoCentre

Beeswax wraps: EcoCentre

Reusable travel coffee cups: CBEC, Farmers and The Warehouse

Metal water bottles: The Warehouse and It’s Healthy

Glass and ceramic storage jars etc: 2nd hand – op shops, plus the market or Empire Mart, Goods 2 U, Coin Save, Farmers, Marston Moor and The Warehouse all sell them new. You can also use glass jars in the freezer!

Toiletries etc:

Bamboo toothbrushes:  It’s Healthy, CBEC and Bells

Paper wrapped toilet paper: Kaitaia Foodmarket and It’s Healthy

Menstrual cups: – a zero waste and money saving option for those menstruating, the EcoCentre and It’s Healthy

Bamboo cotton buds: It’s Healthy

Unwrapped and paper wrapped bar soaps: Shackleton’s Pharmacy, Far North Pharmacy, Essentially Flowers, Kotare Krafts and It’s Healthy

Hand lotions etc in glass jars and tins: Shackleton’s Pharmacy, Far North Pharmacy and Essentially Flowers

Natural sponges: for make-up removal etc, Shackleton’s

Essential oils: Kotare Krafts can refill their own brand bottles

Cloth nappies: Farmers

Biodegradable disposable nappies: CBEC

Cleaning stuff:

Baking soda (bulk): 25kg sacks – RD1, 3kg bags – Cavalier’s. Also at the EcoCentre in 500g and 1kg returnable jars and get a 50c deposit back!

White vinegar 5ltr: Cavelier’s & Pak’n’Save

And if you don’t know how to save yourself and the environment heaps of money using Baking Soda and Vinegar we have Vicki Lansky’s books with hundreds of uses of both in. At $20 each you’ll quickly save yourself more than that in groceries.

Ecostore 5ltr containers, various products: RD1

Other things…

Of course anything you buy secondhand is usually going to reduce the amount of packaging and waste involved. It’s worth checking out our many op shops, secondhand shops and the Kaitaia market where there is often a bargain to be had. Of course remember to dispose of anything you replace responsibly and recycle wherever possible.

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