Wattle & daub, and Limeplastering workshops planned

Following the success of our Limeplastering workshop in September the EcoCentre is currently seeking expressions of interest in attending future workshops on limeplastering and also construction using wattle & daub techniques. Stephen Moller and family will be back to run the limeplastering workshop most likely mid-late February, the wattle & daub one depends on interest shown. Email info@ecocentre.co.nz or call in to the EcoCentre and add your name to the lists if you’re interested.

Both techniques are heritage building skills that are coming back into their own as low impact sustainable options. Being able to use products from the land you’re building on really strengthens the connection to the whenua and ensures a low carbon footprint in terms of shipping materials in.

Many think of wattle and daub as being a short lifespan method of building, but there are wattle & daub houses built in the 1100s still standing in Europe! Bamboo can be used for the withies (the bits you weave with round the posts, known as staves) which makes it an especially appropriate method for the Far North given how well bamboo grows up here, and how quickly it regenerates after harvesting. Another local material, harakeke fibres, could be used in the daub.

For an idea of what is involved check out the videos of wattle and daub construction at lowimpact.org

Both limeplastering and wattle and daub construction are time consuming, but the low financial costs involved, as well as the environmental benefits of the construction and end result make it worthwhile. As with rammed earth, cob built or poured earth houses, wattle and daub with limeplaster result in a breathable home which is much healthier and shouldn’t get damp and mouldy.

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