The Rubbish Trip is coming to Kaitaia

We’re very excited to have Hannah Blumhardt and Liam Prince, the No-Waste Nomads, coming to Kaitaia this week (see Facebook event) as part of The Rubbish Trip.

They’ll be at Far North REAP at 6.30pm this Friday, 13th October to give their presentation, after which there will be an opportunity to have a cuppa and chat and enjoy their home made zero waste nibbles.

Both the EcoCentre and CBEC/EcoSolutions will have sales tables with items to help you live a more zero waste life. There will also be the opportunity to make your own beeswax wrap! Bring along your own piece of cotton fabric cut to size (preferably with pinking shears, but that isn’t essential), up to about 30cm/12′ square and a koha to cover the cost of the wax (it costs about 50c-$1 per wrap).

As you may have picked up in the media lately there is a huge groundswell of support for reducing the amount of plastic bags in our lives, with both Countdown and New World looking to phase out plastic shopping bags. This is a brilliant start, so many of our bags end up polluting our inland waterways, the oceans and getting caught in vegetation. Aside from looking unattractive they are proving deadly to wildlife, and the plastic is entering the food chain. Humanity is gradually cottoning on to the fact that there is no such place as ‘away’ to throw our rubbish, and the best thing to do is reduce the amount we produce in the first place, and that means more than just cutting out plastic bags. On top of that are a myriad of sustainability issues around production, transportation, and production waste – it’s a minefield. No matter what your concerns are about our own health, wealth and the environment’s, you can pretty much guarantee that consumable goods have an impact on it.

This is where the likes of Hannah & Liam come in. They’ve been living a zero waste life for the last couple of years and are now touring round giving talks about how you too can make changes in your life to reduce the amount of rubbish you create. It’s a pretty daunting prospect to change to a zero waste life, and no-one expects anyone to do so overnight (but if you give that a go we’d love to hear how you coped!), so hearing how other people have worked towards that, and have a chance to discuss the pros and cons of various alternatives, what works and what really isn’t worth the hassle is a great way to awhi people along the way.

So whether you’re well down the zero waste journey looking for new ideas, and how to get past those last few tricky items that keep ending up in your rubbish bin, or brand new to the whole concept and feeling a bit overwhelmed about where to start, come along and find out more.

If you can’t make it, or you’re wanting some extra online moral support and access to the advice of over 10,500 fellow Kiwis on the zero waste journey the Zero Waste in NZ! Facebook group is a brilliant resource. The search box is a great way to find previous discussions on particular issues, products and dilemmas. Of course you can always pop in to the EcoCentre for a chat, and if you are part of Kaitaia TimeBank there are a number of timebankers with zero waste skills and experience who can help you out too!


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