The Kiwi Bottle Drive kicks off in Kaitaia

The Kiwi Bottle Drive is campaigning for the government to introduce a cash for containers scheme in Aotearoa NZ. Their nationwide tour kicks off in Kaitaia on Saturday 20th May at the market. Bring along your rinsed out bottles and cans and get 10c back for each up to a maximum of 200 items ($20).

A cash for containers scheme would have significant environmental and social benefits for Aotearoa NZ. These include:

Environment: Stopping plastic bottles polluting our seas and landscapes.

Jobs: Creating over 2000 new ‘green collar jobs’, many entry level.

Saving public money: $26- $40 million dollars could be saved annually from waste disposal costs.

Cash for communities: Bottle drives as community fundraisers and low incomes supplemented by collecting drink containers.

Circular economy: The sustainable use of resources, with new businesses and infrastructure that allow waste and manufacturing to cycle into each other.

Tackling climate change: Effective reuse and recycling is far less energy intensive than new manufacturing, and will contribute to the significant emissions reductions needed to avert catastrophic climate change.

For more technical questions and details, check out the FAQs and the reports available through the website. 

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