Putting Far North Goodness Growers on the map

The seed of an idea that was planted last year has started to germinate. As all gardeners know sometimes you just have to wait for the right conditions before things start to grow, and the idea of establishing a local food map has been no exception to this. We’re really excited to have Stephanie Lee on board getting the ball rolling with this project.

Far North Goodness Growers is on a mission, in collaboration with  the EcoCentre, to create a map of all of the growers/producers north of Kaeo … so that we can share this with anyone interested in finding home grown produce.

The first stage is obviously data collection… so do you grow produce and have it available for local people and travellers to our area to buy?

Let us know who you are! Whether you are large, small, have a road side stall, have fruit, vegetables, nuts, grains, a range or single product, organic, follow permaculture principles, spray free etc … We want you all.

Please post your details to our page, or contact FNGG via Facebook private message or email the EcoCentre at info@ecocentre.co.nz and we can add you to our list and take things from there.

Supporting local growers is a really important step in making our community sustainable. Not only does it mean that the money stays in the area rather than most of it going to Auckland based wholesalers which is a win in itself, it reduces food miles and the carbon footprint of delivering food stuff and it encourages locals to grow things we need which reduces our dependency on SH1 and SH10 – important considerations given their susceptibility to flooding and landslides, future rising sea levels etc. On top of that we get fresher food that can be eaten shortly after being harvested which gives us more nutritional benefits and it tastes better than stuff that has been picked early to ripen whilst in cold storage.

Kaitaia means an abundance of food, and we have the opportunity to ensure that rings as true now as it did when the place was named. We just need to know where to look for it…

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