Local self sufficiency through Workshops

By John Kenderdine

We see workshops as one of the best tools we have to empower local communities to help themselves instead of waiting and hoping for some government or council to do it for us. The EcoCentre is keen to help develop ideas with people who have skills to share and that they wish to learn.

With resilience and self sufficiency we can create a vibrant, interactive community where skills and knowledge are shared, goods and services bartered between those of us with little spare cash but an abundance of spare time.

One tool for this is the TimeBank where everyone’s time is valued equally – one hour of your time equals one hour of my time, regardless of the level of skill or training needed for the job.

Our present society has become very centred on competition and this consumes a huge amount of time and energy to stay ahead of our competitors.

This time could be used much more constructively collaborating and cooperating together, where the end result is balanced and satisfying for everyone.

None of us has all the skills needed to run a successful enterprise by ourselves, but a group working together in a cooperative can gather the needed skills and collectively achieve great results.

So how do we gather the people, the skills, the energy to make it all happen? How do we liberate the time we spend on non productive, unfulfilling activities and redirect it to creating what really satisfies us?

The things I enjoy taste good, keep me warm and dry, and make me laugh. I cant find any of this in “virtual reality” – can you?

So come and join us to build the community we want.

Upcoming workshops in 2018 so far:

Crafty Mondays – 1st Monday of the Month, 1-3pm at the EcoCentre

5th February –  soap making

5th March – Crocheting plastic bags into hats, mats etc

2nd April – make your own firelighters

7th May – felting

Half/whole day workshops

Limeplastering – late Jan/Feb, date to be confirmed, let us know if you’re interested

Wattle & Daub – late Jan/Feb, date tbc, let us know if you’re interested

Composting workshop – autumn, date tbc, let us know if you’re interested

Worm Farm workshop – autumn, date tbc, let us know if you’re interested

Plus other food gardening orientated workshops to enable both beginners and established gardeners to get the most out of their land.

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