Investing in People and the Planet

How can we make a difference in a world threatened by ecological disaster, global inequality and human tragedy? How can we ensure that public funds are not used to invest in cluster bombs and the like?

Author Dr Robert Howell answers this question in a public lecture tour visiting with cities in New Zealand and will be in Kaitaia 6.30pm Friday 19th May at Far North REAP this week. He will be presenting and discussing the issues of investing in a responsible way based on his recent book, ‘Investing in People and the Planet’.

The bank we select, the pension fund and insurance that we choose, the investments that we support, and the voice that we raise to shape Government investments and financial behaviour, can begin to make the changes that are needed when joined with the efforts of others,” says Robert.

This presentation shows why and how to make those changes. Dr Howell’s primary interest is working to understand the links between ecological degradation, financial systems, and ethics. He has a particular focus on ethical investment, economic reform, and shareholder activism. He set up the Council for Socially Responsible Investment (2003-2012) and co-founded the establishment the Australasian Centre for Corporate Responsibility based in Canberra in 2013. Dr Howell has a background as a CEO, management consultant, and contract university teacher, with competencies in strategic visioning, governance, organisational design, and business ethics. He has a MA in philosophy, a postgraduate diploma in health management, and a PhD in community health planning and management. He is also one of the authors of Right Relationship Building a Whole Earth Economy, and one of a team of authors from Sustainable Aotearoa New Zealand in their publication, Strong Sustainability for New Zealand Principles and Scenarios.

“Why investors are so irresponsibly reluctant to play their crucial role in climate change mitigation and adaptation is the subject of this timely and important book.”
Rod Oram, business journalist.

“We badly need clear thinking about the nature of harmful investments, and what we can do. Robert how knows the topic inside out, and his analyses are deliberate, clear and sharp edged. This book is highly readable and terribly important.”
Alistair Woodward, Head of Department Epidemiology and Biostatistics, University of Auckland.

“Robert Howell has written a compelling and comprehensive argument for responsible investment that deserves widespread acknowledgement.”
Amy Domini, Author, Founder and Chair, Domini Social Investments, US

An interview with Robert can be found here

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