Associated Partners

"Working Together To Strengthen Our Communities"
Organisations & Groups
Te Pokapū Tiaki Taiao O Te Tai Tokerau Trust / Far North Environment Centre (FNEC) was incorporated as a Charitable Trust in 1999, and registered as a charity in 2008 (CC22755). Over the years the Trust has gone through several phases of work, primarily running environmental educational projects. Original based with CBEC on Pukepoto Road, they moved to the current EcoCentre location in late 2013. The Trust acts as the community partner for the Far North District Council’s Resilient Economies Incubator Group (REIG), and for currently funded Kai Ora Funded projects with Dinners Direct and Te Hiku Food Hub.
Kaitaia TimeBank
Started off life as a TTK initiative in 2009 and now stands on it’s own feet. KTB is part of the international Timebanking movement where one person’s hour of time is equal to another’s. It facilitates skill and resource sharing within the local community. Volunteers at the EcoCentre get paid timecredits for their hours put in. Jessie, our membership support volunteer, is usually at the EcoCentre Tuesday and Thursdays 10-12 to help people sign up and arrange trades etc.
Far North Organic Growers
Established in 1989 FNOG has maintained a local certification programme and field days in the Far North as well as representing the interests of the Far North at a national level. Their field days are held three times a year and are open to the general public, their Networker newsletters are available on their website and by email. The EcoCentre has FNOG membership application forms and a number of their other leaflets
Transition Towns Kaitaia
Part of the international Transition Towns movement, TTK organises monthly programme of talks and film nights held at Far North REAP, Puckey Ave, Kaitaia 0410 on the second Friday of the month at 6.30pm. Other local initiatives are the Kaitaia Savings Pool, and the Car Pooling list. TTK has put in a number of submissions to Select Committees and local governement and coordinated local public action on climate change etc
Plastic Free Kaitaia 2020
This new initiative is planning to take the Plastic Free July challenge a step further and work towards Kaitaia being a plastic bag and plastic water bottle free zone by 2020, and generally reduce the amount of plastic being both thrown away and even recycled locally. Plastic can only be recycled a few times before it has been downgraded to the point where it ends up as landfill, so best not to use it in the first place. The Bottle Buy-Back 2016 was funded by Far North District Council and was part of the national Cash for Containers campaign to bring back a container deposit scheme. PFK 2020 helps promote the use cloth shopping bags and produce bags which are for sale at the EcoCentre.
Te Hiku Food Hub (a Kaitaia REIG organization)
Te Hiki Food Hub has its roots in the 2015 Far North Thrive programme, a collaboration between Far North District Council and Ākina to help build resilience in the region. A number of Resilient Economy Incubator Groups were established as part of this training  programme, and Te Hiku Food Hub grew out of the Kaitaia REIG. In setting up the KaiBOX pilot project it was discovered there was a need for some capacity building for local growers to ensure a regular supply of vegetables for the KaiBOX programme which led to an additional focus on supporting community gardens. Te Hiku Food Hub is currently funded through the Kai Ora Fund.
Far North District Council
Te Pokapū Tiaki Taiao o te Tai Tokerau Trust/FNEC are a community partner for FNDC’s Regional Economies Incubator Group & have also partnered two of FNDC’s Kai Ora fund projects so far. The Kai Ora projects are 2016 Kaibox (Te Hiku Food Hub) and 2015 Dinners Direct (Murray & Serafina Lay).